Edify School Chhindwara

Annual Day Celebrations

Fourth Annual Show- Jamii Moja (One World One Family)
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
“Ayam- nijah paro veti gananaa laghuchetasaam
Udaaracharitaam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam”
The thought that one person is related to me and another is not is that of the narrow-minded. For the broadminded, however, the whole world is one family.

There are many countries spread out on this globe and if the entire human race start searching for their roots they may end up pointing to one civilization on this plane.

The 4th Annual Day- “Jamii Moja” in Sanskrit it says “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam;” Vasudha- the Earth, Eva- Indeed is, and Kutumbakam- family, literally meaning that The Earth indeed is a family.The theme was amazing, and surely opened the eyes of many people. It brought a sense of togetherness among all people present at the great event.

The 24th of February 2018, was an evening to remember. The huge stage built on the #school grounds built up expectations of the show being on a larger scale than those in the previous years. Well, those #expectations were not only met, but they were surpassed.

#Edify school Electronic city was chosen as the venue of this year’s event to set the stage for unveiling the journey and what we aspire to achieve in the years to come. Edify school electronic city #celebrated its 4th Annual Day- “Jamii Moja” (One World One Family) on the 24th Febraury in the #school premises.

After lamp lightening Pink panther pledge was led by the student of grade 8 and Mr. Acharya Ajith Kumar as follows
1. To educate men with sensitivity towards all genders.

2. To liberate stereotypical thoughts and biases.
3. To never discriminate between genders.
4. To make a difference and accept that change begins with me.
5. To train and sensitize my son and future generations equally.
The evening was made more colorful with #cultural programmes after the principal’s annual report. The cultural program began with a dance by the tiny tots. Every class gave their #performances with grace and got a big round of applause.

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